Bathroom, From Ordinary to Oasis

Take an ordinary bathroom throw in a few dollars and a bit of effort into the mix and if you are a tad creative, you can very easily end up with something extraordinary. Even those on a tight budget can make this transition if they are a bit clever and inspired.

Paying special attention to ordinary, everyday objects in your bathroom such as soap dishes, shower curtain or even the towel rack is the secret. Small things matter. Interior design and organizing consultant to, Jonni Clark from Glendale Arizona is dedicated to assisting home owners make their houses striking, well organized and functional, especially the bathroom. Consider her latest ideas below:

Unattractive Gaps

Like most bathrooms, yours probably has a large gap between the shower curtain top and the bathroom ceiling. Not only is this quiet ugly, itís also making your walls look shorter. Beautiful bathrooms are all about tall walls. A simple solution is to move the shower curtain bar further up. It is okay for it to sit right below the ceiling in fact since you can buy an extra long shower curtain to accommodate it. Your bathroom will simply exude luxury and appear more spacious once the gap is gone and the walls seem taller.

Towels and Window Curtains

Assuming you followed the above step and bought (or made yourself) a brand new, extra long shower curtain, it is now time to consider your window coverings and towels. If your towels and window coverings are old, now is a good opportunity to acquire some new ones that will work well with your shower curtain. We suggest you pick something with color. Sinks, showers, tubs and tiles are designed to be modest, and even bland in color, so shower curtains, window coverings and towels get to carry lots of color. More importantly you can buy 2 or even 3 completely different sets of colorful towels as long as they work well with both window and shower curtains (coordinate). By alternating the towels every couple of days, your bathroom will have a completely different feel and look from a day or two earlier.

Scented Flowers

Fresh, bathroom scent is often the product of spray aerosols applied liberally. This is definitely one solution to hide odors, unfortunately, sprays have a dark side. They are mostly made from harsh, dangerous chemicals some of which happen to be carcinogens. Moreover, they do nothing to please the eye, just the nose. To satisfy both we think you should consider fresh, cut flowers in your bathroom. If they have a strong fragrance, thatís even better. Flowers will definitely make the bathroom look and smell fresh. Any visitors needing to use the facilities in your house will probably think itís someoneís birthday once they see all the blooms and petals, making their visit to your house feel somehow special. If you are not inclined to purchase or cut flowers from your garden every couple of days, a flowering, potted plant strategically placed will work just as well.

Don't forget the soap. Not all soap is created equal. In case your soap colors are all over the place, consider purchasing liquid soap the same pigment as the towels or the shower curtain and putting it into a transparent dispenser. Similarly, you can do the same with bar soap in case liquid soap isnít popular in your house. Just make sure the dish holding the bar compliments all the other items colorwise and doesnít clash.

Finally, consider buying some very distinct looking towel racks, nothing too cylindrical or rectangular. We are not after a traditional look, the more eccentric the racks are the better. Make sure they are different sizes and shapes to create contrast. Once you brought them home, paint them all the same color. A shade that matches all the other items in your bathroom will work best of course. Even while covered with towels a very detailed towel rack (towel hook) will standout nicely. Best of all they are not very expensive and will create a look of luxury when used properly along with other bathroom spruce up items we mentioned earlier. not very expensive and will create a look of luxury when used properly along with other bathroom spruce up items we mentioned earlier.